Katherine Walters

Helping parents
and families
through life

Katherine Walters Consulting

Helping parents and families navigate through life

“Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

– Bob Marley

Hi! I’m Katherine.

Navigating the ins and outs of parenting can be tough. I know firsthand how exhausting it can be trying to keep up with everything life throws your way while also juggling parenthood. With the combination of my experience as a mom and a school counselor, I can be a valuable resource for parents everywhere!

Hectic Routines

Do you feel like things are hectic every morning or evening and you find yourself needing help establishing some routines?

I can help!

School Concerns

Are you concerned with how your child is progressing in school and want help navigating the school system and potential supports?

I can help!

Parenting Questions

Do you find yourself wondering “Is this normal?” or “Why are they doing this?” about your children and want knowledgeable and professional answers?

I can help!

Work With Me

Consulting with Heart

While working as a school counselor for over a decade, I often felt like there wasn’t enough support for parents out there.  I am thrilled to be in a position to offer help to parents in so many different ways and am genuinely passionate about being a knowledgeable, supportive resource for families.

One on One Consultation

During our one on one consultation, I will help you navigate through whatever obstacle or life event you are currently facing. Taking an individualized approach and providing customized support, I will help you create a plan and set attainable goals. My goal is to support parents using a tailored approach that will help meet the specific needs of each family.

Document Review

During a document review consultation, we will review your child’s current document (IEP, MFE/Section 504 plan) and discuss how you can be a valuable member of the school team as you work together to support your child.

I can help Your Child

become happier and more successful at school by providing useful tips for school and home.

I will help you

acquire a deeper understanding of the language of school documents (including IEPs and 504 plans) by reviewing your specific documents.

I will provide you

with the ability to knowledgeably collaborate with your school team to best support the needs of your child.

I can provide you

with tools to gain confidence in understanding the specific special education process from creation and execution to maintenance and communicating with teachers.


“Katherine has been an incredible help as we’ve navigated both 504s and IEPs for our elementary aged boys over the past 4 years. She made sure we understood the process, that we were comfortable along the way and provided all the resources we needed, along with moral support. We love her as parents, but she also formed an awesome relationship with our sons which helped us feel at ease. From diagnosis to implementation, I can’t imagine doing it without her.”

Emily P.

“Katherine is kind, compassionate and truly passionate about helping others. With her deep understanding of child development, knowledge of supports and interventions to help children be successful and her extensive background as a school counselor, she is an asset to any child or family looking for support and guidance.”

Audra B.
School Counselor

“Katherine provided absolutely amazing support and guidance for me and my young kids during a time of extremely high anxiety. After a personal illness I went through, both my kids experienced intense separation anxiety and depression. Katherine gave us the tools we needed and we are stronger because of her.”

Jackie G.